Math Instructor
Meet our founding instructor, Philip.
Philip holds a degree in Pure Mathematics from UCLA and pursued his Ph.D. Program at UMD, recommended by Fields Medalist Terrence Tao and professors Alexander Merkurjev (an expert in algebraic geometry) and Gregory Eskin (an expert in partial differential equations). He later explored applied mathematics and obtained a Master's in Mathematical Finance from USC. 
Philip grew up in a household with a strong mathematical influence from his mathematician father. During his middle and high school years, Philip spent much of his adolescence as part of the editorial team for "The Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics," a publication organized by his father, where he engaged with and assisted in organizing manuscripts from mathematicians worldwide. 
Driven by a deep passion for education and inspired by his daughter's academic journey, Philip firmly believes that learning math alongside children and accompanying them through their early and middle mathematical stages is the best way to inspire and enlighten young minds.
The Math House 
Philosophy and Objectives
Critical Reasoning 
Math Skills 
We believe in fostering "mathematical thinking" rather than focusing solely on procedural calculations or repetitive problem-solving.  
Emphasis on Understanding Mathematical Concepts​​​​​​​
Immersing Children in Intriguing Mathematical Proofs to Enhance Logic and Deductive Abilities
Make learning math enjoyable. Nurtures mathematical literacy, imagination, and creativity. 
We go beyond teaching formulas and algorithms. Each mathematical concept is explored in depth, with its historical origins, and the stories of mathematicians behind it. 
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Our location is in Chino, California, and we cater to students in the nearby areas of Chino, Chino Hills, Ontario, and Rancho Cucamonga. We also offer online classes for your convenience.
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